About us

Back in February 2019, PLNT.co was founded by Mr. Amir Afham bin Huslan, a professional photographer who also runs his own wedding photographer business.

PLNT.co, which pronounced as “plɑːnt dat coh” or “plaant dot co”, was based in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Starting by selling houseplants in his house garage, Mr. Amir then started to rent spaces & join event booth as a vendor to expand the brand & market segment. Then PLNT.co went viral during MCO 1.0 by using only social media marketing which were the main marketing stream during Pandemic Covid-19. The plant community increases in number during MCO as most of the people founds growing indoor houseplants as their new hobby trends while staying at homes.

Months later, PLNT.co undergoes rapid growth in business and manage to open its first physical concept plant studio (plant shop), located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. In less than a year gap, PLNT.co also succeed to expand its business by launching its second central branch in Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.


Our mission is to instil happier lives through practical, thoughtful living products. Each plant is nurtured by passionate people who are finding its rightful home and to continue nurturing them. In addition to also insert wellness at your home and contributing to reducing global warming.


And our vision is to become one-of-a-kind company that sells houseplants like no other where we provide spaces for plant community to gather and share their knowledge, stories, experience in taking care of mother nature. It is our desire to educate the importance and how houseplants can benefit the community.

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